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My name is Päivi Uurtola-Kahri and I breed Spanish Waterdogs and kaninchen/miniature smooth-haired dachshunds..Previously I have bred also couple litters of Chinese Cresteds, but I think that dachshunds are more my "own" breed.. 

 I have always had dogs in my life. My first dog was a long-haired miniature dachshund and I think my love for the breed began in my childhood. Then I have had English Springer Spaniels and by that  time my love to PDAE:s started. I was at a dog-show with my springers and I saw a Spanish waterdog: it was love at the first sight!

I decided that I must have one! I owned PDAE's about four years before I decided to start breed those. So I went to a breeders-course and then also breeders-course part II. So did my breeding "career" begin... Now I have bred SWD's about 9 years.

I have also passed Breeders Academy, which is the highest level, what a breeder can achieve in Finland. I also have passed breeding-adviser and trial-steward-courses. I am very interested in dogs behaviour, so I hope, that in one day, I could be a behaviour-steward and finally become a behaviour test-judge...  

My hobby with my adult PDAE's is volunteryjob. Hugo and Stubb are both Finnish Kennelclub's so called "friend-dogs".We visit nursing-homes, mental retards-homes, rest homes etc. Stubb is also a "reading-dog" in a library, where children can read to him. And last but not least I'm a support-person to a child with Stubb. We have passed the support-training..

This is the first time in Finnish children wellfare history that dogs are included in a such work. I'm so happy, that I have so wonderful dogs, that I can do such a important work. I think there are so many things dogs can do for humans...

My biggest achievements Katariina & Johannes with "Nero"
(our first Springer Spaniel - Springrotin Vagiegated) in the year 1995

I hate the name kennel, because in our house, our dogs are family members, puppies grow up in the living-room and I don't have any kennel-"spaces" . So, I like to think that I don't have a kennel, I'm only a breeder.

y daughter Katariina is nowadays living in her own apartment and she has her "own breeds" (Chinese Cresteds and American Cocker Spaniels), but she still takes care of our dogs, handles them and does the trimming etc. and is involved a lot to my breeding. Although she has her "own" breeds nowadays, she still loves to cuddle and handle our SWD's (and other dogs) :)

I don't have litters very often, maybe one in a year or two. I think quality over quantity. This is not my work, it's my passion..

I hope you'll enjoy your visit at my pages and will come back soon!


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